10″ LED Ring Light Photographic Selfie Ring Lighting with Stand for Smartphone Youtube Makeup Video Studio Tripod Ring Light


10″ LED Ring Light Photographic Selfie Ring Lighting with Stand for Smartphone Youtube Makeup Video Studio Tripod Ring Light


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Item description:

--10 ways to adjust the light, warm white light freely adjustable With a telephone clip, you are both hands Special SMD LED design, light and portable. --Constant current drive, low power loss. NO ultraviolet rays and infrared light radiation, low heat production, safety and environment. --It is widely applied to light outdoor photo, light fill in home, portrait, fashion, wedding art, photography advertising, video shooting, etc. -- With reinforced with flexible arm that moves freely and never droop. --There will be brilliant rings to reflect on you eyes as you wear charming cosmetic contact lense.

Product Parameter:

▪ LED Bulbs: 128 pcs ▪ Color Temperature: 3200-5500 Kelvin ▪ CRI (Color Rendering Index): ≥90RA ▪ Dimming range: 1%-100% ▪ Power Output: 24W ▪ Coverage: 360° ▪ Plug: USB Power Cable ▪ Outer Diameter: 26cm/10 inches ▪ External Power: Phone Charger/Power Bank/USB Interface


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Brand Name

Walking Way



Plug Standard

EU Plug



Color Temperature

Bi-color 3200K-5600K

Dimming range


External Power

Phone Charger/Power Bank/Usb Interface

Inner Diameter


LED Bulbs

128 Pcs

Lightbulb Type


Outer Diameter



USB Power Cable

Power Output


Use for



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